menstrual art goddess art divine feminine menstruation

“Her Blood is Gold”
The original canvas measures 99.5cm x 99.5 cm. This menstrual art is a celebration of the divine feminine and the sacred power held within the female body. Menstruation is usually shrouded in shame in our own culture, and in many others. When I first discovered menstrual cycle positivity and began to learn about the power, beauty, mystery and magic of my own menstrual cycle, this was what I painted in response to my journey.


Menstrual art and menstrual cycle awareness are blossoming areas in our society as a new generation of women take ownership of their menstrual cycle and as older women undergo menstrual awakening in their later years, even after they have stopped menstruating. The 4th wave of feminism will break through this bastion of patriarchy: the association of shame with women’s bodies and life cycles.

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