img_6178 I am lucky to live by the sea in the beautiful county of Cornwall in the Southwest of the UK.

I tend to paint with acrylic on canvas on large canvasses but I love experimenting with different media.

My paintings are inspired by my life journey. Women’s bodies are a big feature in my work. I am awed by the creative power of the female body and I am keen to dispel the collective shame we feel about our bodies and their physical processes.

I am passionate about earth care, social justice & equality. I find that I am drawn to challenging social norms and pushing boundaries. I believe that the dominant power structures in our society serve nobody and are degrading our planet and destroying those who live on it.

I usually paint as an intuitive process. When I begin with a blank canvas and I have no idea what it is going to look like at the end. What finally emerges is a delight and a surprise to me. I collect images from the natural world, from the internet, from magazines, from my doodles and I use these in my work.

My paintings won’t save the world, but they help me to make sense of our place in it.