Recently, I’ve decided to downscale.

Usually, if I’m painting in acrylics, I tend to go BIG. I love big canvasses: looking at that massive, empty space, beginning my canvas without having any idea whatsoever how it is going to look at the end. And I love watching my paintings emerge and evolve until finally, I’m ready to let them go.

If I’m producing something smaller, I enjoy working with mixed media, collage and often water-based paints on watercolour paper. These smaller pieces generally require at least a small amount of planning as there is less layering involved.

So recently, I’ve been challenging myself to produce intuitive, unplanned tiny canvasses using the same process that I use for my large canvasses.

I thought it would be easy. I thought it would be quick. Let me tell you, IT HAS NOT BEEN EASY OR QUICK!

It’s been tough, challenging and sometimes frustrating. You do not have the space and freedom that you have with a large canvas. I have to admit that there were times when I doubted that my way of painting with acrylics could be successfully used to produce these mini canvasses. I seemed to be getting to a point where I had an image that was “ok” but not something that I was in love with, the way I fall in love with my larger paintings or my small mixed media pieces. However, I persevered and I broke through, and FINALLY I started seeing things that I loved.

I started a whole load of these minis at the same time, but they are coming through bit by bit. So I’ll be posting them on here over the next few weeks as they come through.

This one is called “Enter the Woman” – it measures 10cm x 20cm and is available in my Etsy shop



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